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Join in support

Franchised stores can enjoy year-end rebates based on contract sales, and enjoy preferential offers during construction orders and holidays.

Regional protection

Eden adopts regional protection policy, restricting the number of franchisees in the same area, avoiding vicious competition and protecting the interests of investors.

Opening support

We will carry out the whole process supervision of franchised stores, provide standard store image, sample design, exhibition display, soft clothing matching and other support, and create a strong terminal SI image.

Operational support

The implementation of brand chain management model will help franchisees to plan in the local team management, brand building, market promotion, awareness raising and so on.

Sales policy support

National unified retail prices, to ensure profits from joining; low discount purchase, enjoy multiple policy support, and year-end bonus sales.

Promotion support

Eden provides a full set of exclusive promotional programs and rich publicity materials, materials support and terminal promotion to ensure strong brand.

Training support

The terminal market support personnel will provide door-to-door training and sales skills, and provide guidance on management and marketing experience in store operation.

Technical support

Headquarters constantly strengthens product technology research and development, and provides perfect technical support. If there is any installation problems, technicians will answer your questions quickly.